A person in an astronaut suit floats in space above the surface of the Earth

Afrofuturism: From a Lens to a Portal

Olu Niyi-Awosusi

I first discovered afrofuturism during one of my first years of university through the short film Afronauts, directed by Nuot...

A thick forest of evergreen trees

Trees Won’t Save Us

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann

Open Source and Politics: A Conversation with Coraline Ada Ehmke

Jacky Zhao

A 3D render of a megaphone on an orange background

Urgency and Agency in Technology Policy: A Conversation with Ifeoma Ozoma

Matthew Sun

Ifeoma Ozoma is the founder and principal of Earthseed, a consulting firm advising individuals, organizations, and companies...

Prison Phones and the Problem with Profits

Lucas Gelfond

A Dispatch from Maine Correctional Center The trees thin out on my drive from downtown Portland to Windham, Maine, a small t...

on days like today i dream of futures past

Ivan Zhao

A femme person laying on the couch with their face rested on a cushion and illuminated by the glow of their phone in a dark room. Some neon lighting from street outside is visible through a curtain.

all the better to see you with

Adora Svitak

An abstract rendering of world map where continents are represented as black unfilled polygons split into polygons set against a gray textured background

Lighten the Load of the Nation-State

Nathan Schneider

Can Cryptocurrencies Replace Cash Remittances?

Isabella Rolz


Multiple copies of Kernel arranged in a diagonal grid pattern floating atop a lilac background

Editor’s Note

Emily Liu

Fourteen protest signs on poster board and cardboard, featuring red and black lettering, are mounted and arranged on a white wall. Their messages range from calls to free incarcerated sex workers and to protect and trust Black trans sex workers, to declaratives against the police and criminalization.

Cultural Resistance to SESTA/FOSTA: Reflecting on Community Curation

Brit Schulte

A speech bubble and out of yellow lined paper arranged on a green wall. Three crumpled up balls of yellow paper form three dots inside the speech bubble.

Passions, Platforms, Politics: A Conversation with Rosie Nguyen

Jasmine Sun

A close-up shot of two hands with rings and painted nails clutching a phone

Mental Health Apps Won’t Solve the Mental Health Crisis

Lily Lou

A hand with painted nails grasps a digital stylus mid-stroke atop a bright white screen with a creative document displayed

Abolish Canon: Centering Collective Fan Production

Mona Wang

Binhai Library, where patrons stand on some steps while white curved shelves of books extend far above

Creating the Photogenic City

Tianyu Fang

A close-up shot of racks of servers connected by various cables inside a data center

Digital Transformations, Environmental Degradation

Tommy Bui Nguyen

An abstract black silhouette of a person in front of a grid of red squares

Virtual Violence: Vectoralist Class Warfare and Abstract Antagonism

Kadallah Burrowes

A mesh of blue plastic forming what looks like a 3D surface with a black background

Seeing the Invisible

Leo Kim

Visual Art

Drawing Rectangles

Connie Liu

Growing Narratives: Passage

Alicia Guo

Four Cartoons

Phil Witte

Green Like No Grass Is Green


Fiction & Poetry

Thin columns of white light shoot from the top of the image to the bottom against a black background


Jasmine Wang

The sun casts an orange glow on smoke in the sky in the top left of the photo. Near the bottom right the smoke appears blackish. The silhouette of mostly bare trees is visible.

Pros & Cons Of Wildfire: A Conversation With Smokey Bear

Chiwenite Onyekwelu

A laptop PC displays the Windows log and the message "Please wait while we install a system update"

On receiving an unwanted Windows update at an inconvenient time, All Thumbs

Robert René Galván

A square printed photograph or artwork of a beach where two small figures are visible is illuminated by warm light streaming through a window onto a wall

The Memory Machine

Anabelle Johnston

A bumpy reflective surface reflects irregular hexagons of blue, orange, and yellow light

A list of important memories

Keana Aguila Labra

A small green island surrounded by blue water and a blue sky


Nikoline Kaiser

A close-up shot of a condor. In the background, there is wood and some blurry leaves.

Condor Nest Livestream #923

Eleonor Botoman

Against a black background, a point of light shines from the center of a sphere whose surface is formed by a repeating series of polygonal shapes

Encomium to the Sky that Pulls Me Through Wonder, Selfless Machine

Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan

The night sky with stars and a crescent moon visible above snowy mountains whose peaks are just illuminated by the setting sun

Space Sisters

Julia Travers