Growing Narratives: Passage

Alicia Guo

A grid of digitally rendered cross sections of trees in brown and sepia tones

Tree rings can tell us much about the passing of time, their shapes and thicknesses telling us stories of the past. They represent time, growth, and nourishment. Reading a cross section is, however, also an interpretation. The memories we carry can be written and rewritten depending on how we craft our stories — in sustaining our rings, we grow our own narratives. Passage follows the thread of history as tree rings over time. They are malleable, affording the self a new vision of the past as lines thicken and intersect, weaving felt emotions and happenings into fresh narratives.

Alicia Guo (she/her) is an artist and computer science student at MIT thinking about HCI, co-creativity, and tools for artists. She loves cooking, museums, and finding ways to turn spaces into places.