About Kernel Magazine

Kernel Magazine is an annual print publication by Reboot, a community reimagining techno-optimism for a better collective future.

In a landscape dominated by either fatalistic views of the irredeemability of technology or by optimism weaponized as hype where venture-backed bandages are presented as all-encompassing solutions, Kernel Magazine articulates an alternate vision: a critical analysis of technological progress and regress while still charting a path forward.

As a publication by and for technologists, Kernel Magazine is informed not just by theory, but also by our own experiences building, working with, and being affected by tech. We publish deeply researched nonfiction essays, personal narratives, creative short stories, poetry, and visual art. Additionally, we value placing our authors in conversation and debate with each other and the broader Reboot community. To that end, you can read responses to our published essays (and pitch your own) on Reboot’s weekly newsletter.

We open our annual call for pitches in early spring. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch.

If you’re interested in joining our team as an editor, designer, or developer, send Jessica a note at jessica@joinreboot.org.

We’re seeking sponsors to fund our vision to bring serious political, cultural, and intellectual discourse to the technology scene. If this excites you, please reach out to Jessica at jessica@joinreboot.org.


This issue of Kernel Magazine is an expansion of our ambition, and we are honored to share the words and art of our writers, artists, and designers with you. Thank you to our contributors for trusting us with their ideas, time, and labor.

Kernel Magazine is made possible by the efforts of an entire community. Thank you to the founding team for laying the groundwork for this publication and turning our original ideas into reality, and to the house members of our first writing retreat in Asheville, North Carolina, for showing us that creating beautiful things with friends is one of the most rewarding things we can do. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Jacky and Anson, who built the first digital home for Kernel Magazine when we launched our inaugural issue. Our ideas are shaped by the people that surround us, and we are grateful to the members of the Reboot community for all of the time spent in discourse, debate, and creativity.

Additionally, thank you to our friends at Logic Magazine for their support and guidance, and to the Omidyar Network for funding our work through a generous grant. Finally, thank you to our readers.

We are extremely appreciative for the support and the time spent engaging with these ideas in good faith, and we can’t wait to learn and share more alongside you.

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