A laptop PC displays the Windows log and the message "Please wait while we install a system update"

On receiving an unwanted Windows update at an inconvenient time, All Thumbs

Robert René Galván

On receiving an unwanted Windows
update at an inconvenient time.

I return to my desk
and everything has changed.
It seems we can never
take pause to inhale,
tethered as we are to a tsunami,
tossed by the wake
of its ever-widening rings,
carried far from a languorous
stillness, away from the datura’s
violet bell unfurling underfoot,
the perfume of rain-soaked leaves,
and hosts of golden mushrooms
rising in the morning dew.
Drowned by 5G waves,
our neurons are stupefied;
Our flesh grows pallid
as we hide from the star.
In the absence of silence,
our questions
are lost.

All Thumbs

I wanted to tell you
About the snowy white bat
And its gold rush
Through the twisting figs,
Or of the cicada’s husk
Ripening in the dark loam,
But your opposable thumbs,
Which had once given us the world,
Persisted in an ignorant dance.

Robert René Galván (he/him), born in San Antonio, resides in New York City where he works as a professional musician and poet. His collections of poems are titled: Meteors, Lux Nova Press; Undesirable: Race and Remembrance, Somos en Escrito Foundation Press; Standing Stones, Finishing Line Press; and The Shadow of Time, Adelaide Books.